Discuss 3 best raid data recovery software


Usually a raid is a storage device where different types of data are collected. However, all types of devices are prone to damage and data loss. If you are using a raid system and in case data is ever lost from your raid then you need to use raid data recovery software to recover the data. But do you know what kind of raid data recovery software will work for you? Today I will discuss three software that can be effective in recovering raid data.

The best raid data recovery software:

  • DiskInternals.

If you are looking for a suitable software to recover data from your raid then you can safely use DiskInternals RAID Recovery. If you want, you can use this software to recover data automatically at home. The special advantage of this software is that it is able to switch between automatic and manual shots. It also allows you to easily identify the type of disk array automatically. However, one drawback of this software is that it forces manual mode software to decide an array type depending on user input rather than reality. 

  • GetDataBack

second most popular software is Gate Data Back Software. You will get the Gate Data Back software in two forms. This software comes first for a FAT, you will also get it for the NTFS file system. It is usually purchased by people based on their needs. In addition to being useful for raid data recovery, this software has several advantages. One of the disadvantages of this software, like the above software, is that it is unable to work on many PCs, especially those with Windows operating system. The special advantage of this software is that it supports SSD, USB, Flashcard and all hard drives and it supports NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 file types. 

  • ReclaiMe

Many people may think that ReclaiMe software is a completely free software. Those who think so are wrong. Although ReclaiMe software is not completely free, it can be an affordable raid data recovery for you. This will allow you to find the data that you need while retrieving the data. Like every data recovery software, software has several advantages and disadvantages. But you will get more benefits than disadvantages in this software. The special advantage of this software is that it helps to view directories, files and folders of the damaged disk completely free of cost. You can recover different levels of RAID from this software. Also this software is quite easy to use compared to other data recovery software as most of the NAS devices are supported for data recovery.


If you know the basics about RAID data recovery then you can get the right software and the right method for raid data recovery.  Note that before retrieving files from the hard drive, you need to try data recovery. You can visit our site if you want to get the right plan for recovering lost, formatted or deleted data from any storage device including internal or external hard disk.